Happy June everyone!

Canadian summer Muskoka Chairs at cottage

Welcome to the month that officially kicks off summer and the beginning of the end of the pandemic shutdown here in Toronto. With this new beginning, I feel like I need to reintroduce myself so here it goes, ‘ Hi, my name is Michael Morgan. Wanna-be-saint, food lover, and your soon-to-be, favorite blogger. As my […]

Start Spending Again

Small business owner smiling while opening her store.

Have you heard the song that speaks about starting all over again? It, was sung by the cousin duo Mel and Tim in 1972. The song states that regardless of the circumstances at hand, they were going to make it.  The ‘we’re’ in the song is referring to the relationship between the composer and his […]

Its February!

Welcome to the month of freezing temperatures, grumpy over-sized rodents, budding love, and black history month. Let us begin. Is it just me wondering if mother nature is as irritated as the rest of us right now? Being located in Toronto, Canada, we expect, though begrudgingly, a proper winter. I look forward to seeing geese […]


So here we are! Several weeks into our new year of 2021 and regrettably, things; our societal, medical, and living environments remain the same as our year gone by. If there is one thing 2020 taught me, it’s that, my desired destination must remain the same, however, it’s the path that I take to get […]


Hey…How has your year been? How many of those New Year resolutions did you complete? Meet anyone new.. start a new job.. maybe you traveled the world over? Sorry,  what was that? Your year was sucked? That’s a weird thing to say? You’d think that…oh.. wrong letter…not sucked.. got it. Rich, poor, old, young, and […]


INspiration comes from within

These things bring happiness, purpose, and hope, and to me, they inspire.