So here we are! Several weeks into our new year of 2021 and regrettably, things; our societal, medical, and living environments remain the same as our year gone by.

If there is one thing 2020 taught me, it’s that, my desired destination must remain the same, however, it’s the path that I take to get there that will have to change.

Attached to every success, there is a failure. Every triumph is accompanied by a defeat. Luke would not have become the Jedi he was born to become without a Darth Vader in his life.

2021 has presented a unique opportunity. It has gifted us with 300+ days to see what we learned from 2020.

Some reading this will see the challenges the old year left us with; Loneliness, poor eating habits, unemployment, the list goes on and on, and will wait to see what happens. After all, these obstacles, these walls present themselves as precipices too high to scale so the logical thing to do is to go with the flow. Right?

“Move with caution, but don’t put too much energy into anything as things may collapse again.”

“Don’t get too excited because everything will work itself out.”

“Why stress yourself out over a wall that is impossible to climb?”

“Besides, recovery will take years. More established people than the majority are struggling too. It is what it is.”

This mindset is fine. Honestly, who can cast blame? After all, you are one of the many who were affected. But then, there is another person…

Same environment? Yup. Same wall? Yup, but instead of being passive, or worrying about their lack of climbing skills, they realize there is nothing wrong with getting dirty, so, they start to dig.

I think the real challenge is not in climbing your wall, the challenge is in finding a way to your goal despite whatever obstacle may come your way. Bottom line, ‘You must get to the other side!’

 The question is, are you afraid to work a little harder to get there?

I can tell you that no seed grows without going through a little shit. I can tell you the story about the deaf frog who climbed higher because he didn’t know any better. I can tell you any number of ‘go get ’em, just do it, motivational, New Year resolution type goals but at the end of the day, that job, relationship, business creation, or vacation is on the other side of your fence waiting for you!

You stare through the chain links of the fence, dreaming of an escalator… Maybe you wouldn’t mind the work if someone would just believe in your dream, or maybe if you had climbing gear… perhaps…

Forget it!

Get a (expletive) shovel, dig your hole, and get to the other side your self! Ask anyone of influence who has built anything substantial for themself and they will tell you it is all about those trenches.

Digging isn’t glamorous like scaling a peak, however, the lessons learned cannot be compared. Such as working through dark moments, not having the skill set or tools required, and still persevering, and my favorite, managing the criticizer who thinks you are digging your hole the wrong way.

God bless the climbers. Those who had steps laid out for them and were able to follow the path carved. They were informed about the gear needed, the importance of perusing their surroundings, and the reminder of being tethered. Should something go wrong, there is a line of support there for you.

This particular blog however is not for you, this one goes out to the fighters, the diggers. Those who endured the calluses of the shovel and the dirt in their eyes while excavating their dark unknown, striving to reach their goal. 

Small business owners depending on every sale. Students still struggling to find their pace with online learning. Single parents trying to earn a wage while staying Covid free, worrying about their young child’s future. 

I encourage you all and so many others I didn’t mention, but they too relate to the struggle this pandemic has presented us all. 


Nothing magical here.

You may not make the team on the first go like Michael Jordan, you may be spoken down to and pushed aside like an Oprah, maybe you are new to the country like Shark Den’s, Robert Herjavec, or you’re just giving it a try online like a young Justin Bieber. No matter the goal, don’t be afraid to get dirty and put in the work. 

It will pay off.  

Martin Luther King Jr, speaking to a group of students at Barratt Junior High School in Philadelphia, October 26, 1967 


“Be a bush if you can’t be a tree. If you can’t be a highway, just be a trail. If you can’t be a sun, be a star. For it isn’t by size that you win or fail. Be the best of whatever you are.” 


I say if you can’t be a lizard be a groundhog!

Not as profound, however, I’m sure you get it. Just dig!

Now there will be moments of enchantment when angels show up to assist with planning, implementation, guidance, or even finances. We however are not waiting for these people to show up. If they do come, they will find us working towards our goals and will assist us, along our way.

Those times when no matter what we do we can’t do wrong and feel so blessed, let’s take those moments, put them somewhere safe, and keep digging.

2021 is your, our year!

Yes, we are hearing that the worst is still yet to come with the virus on every hand, and as I mentioned when I started, 2020 seems to be following us, however, it’s ok.

You know what you want, you can see where it is, now, you just need to put in the work.

So, what are you going to do?


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