Happy June everyone!

Welcome to the month that officially kicks off summer and the beginning of the end of the pandemic shutdown here in Toronto.

With this new beginning, I feel like I need to reintroduce myself so here it goes, ‘ Hi, my name is Michael Morgan. Wanna-be-saint, food lover, and your soon-to-be, favorite blogger.

As my bio on my page states, I’m just an ordinary man, trying to do extraordinary things.

I like sports; playing and watching, I like going against the grain; the socks in sandals variety, I believe music and dancing go hand in hand, and then there’s my newfound appreciation for writing.

Writing for survival is how I grew up… I guess it’s how the majority of us grew up.

Learning the alphabet from an early age, becoming familiar with the sounds letters made, and how combining those letter sounds with other letters allowed for pronunciation to take place. This then leads to forming words giving way to writing and finally reading.

The scholastic system was formed to assist us to communicate from an early age. This same system created a grading scale to measure intelligence through understanding and in particular for the subject of English,

sentence structuring, and word choices. The mastering of 4 and 5 syllable words was considered commendable and advanced you from applause to gold sticker, to the revered first 4 letters of the alphabet grading system.  In later years, I remember busting my ass to get a grade between an A and B and balling my eyes out when I wasn’t allowed to go to a basketball tourney because my grades could only make words that began with C or D. This made a definite impression on my scholastic years going forward and I made sure to work hard so my grades would never take opportunities away from me again. As much as the aforementioned affected me, nothing made more of an impression on me than the building blocks of communication, 3 letter words, or the formation of rap as I now see it.

Cat, hat, sat, fat, rat, bat, got, splat.

Yes, the last word has four letters but that’s just because I was advanced when I wanted to be.

Writing and reading survival skills were ingrained in us all at an early age. The necessity of sharing thoughts, ideas, concerns on paper was considered mandatory and I’m glad they were. Education afforded this to me and I’m grateful for continuous scholastic learning.

I also want to encourage those who desire education or more of it in some form to pursue it, as this will be one of the most impactful decisions you make in your life.

Now back to me.

For survival, I wrote. I wasn’t going to make it from junior kindergarten to college without it.

I enjoyed sharing my feelings on paper as my emotions were written to affect me,  and no one else. I am guilty of disrespecting a tree or 2 in my early years as finding words to describe my thoughts at times caused hebetude and at times was quite laborious, however,  I managed to overcome those obstacles to acquire my written goals.

Everything involved reading and writing growing up. Science, math, phys-ed, and the ubiquitous English.

Writing, reading was..is essential.

So here I am fifteen-ish (plus a few) years later writing a blog. A blog that is an accompaniment to my website which was a result of my novel, which was a result of a road trip.

I can’t give it all away as I would like you to read my book and other shares on my site, but I will say that we all have a story to share.

Triumphs and victories, heartbreaks and failures. As long as you’re breathing, you have experienced something worthy of offering to someone else.

I’m just glad I took a leap and decided to start sharing myself with you. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by friends and colleagues that supported my dreams but I realized that supported or not, I had a poem to recite inside. I had a story to tell, and I’m glad I’m taking the steps to see them all come to fruition.

Shout out to Rahul who keeps what you’re reading presentable and pleasing to the eye.

If you ever read anything in Arial black font 8 it’s not his fault but mine as I shouldn’t have forgotten his birthday, or web-masters day, or.. whatever it is, I’ll make it up to him to increase your aesthetic reading pleasure.

I am a confidant to some, a brother to a few, and a friend to many.

Welcome to my blog.

If you have any ideas on what I should write about go to the comments section below and drop me a line or connect with me on social media.

I’m looking forward to sharing, discussing, and ultimately leaving you some good vibes to hold onto until the next time.

Everyone be well and to my beloved Toronto, ‘Nuff’ respect.



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