Every day, a baby takes its first steps, while a person in physical rehabilitation does the same. Every year a teenager graduates from post-secondary studies or a higher learning institution, while a senior student does the same. Someone right now as you are reading this is deciding to take the greater choice over the lesser ones. These things bring happiness, purpose, and hope, and to me, they inspire.

What is inspiration?

Is inspiration the same for everyone? Is inspiration created, or does it just happen?

Whether it is found in historical scrolls, vintage literature, or the ubiquitous Google search, you’ll find that mankind has always found inspiration or sought it out.

It is described as ‘the process of being mentally stimulated to do or to feel something, especially to do something creative.’

I’ve found that inspiration, while usually being associated with a thought can be found in almost anything. A person, a thing, maybe it’s a location that inspires you. Maybe it’s something mundane like ketchup pouring or something truly awesome like Nasa striving to inhabit Mars. It’s found in the messy chaos of a teenager’s dormitory, the well organized operating room of a physician, and in the stillness of watching the rainfall.

It can also be found in doubt and the ‘why not’ moments in life, which is what led me to the ‘I think I should’ moment, which leads me to pen my first manuscript.

Inspiration is lurking in the open somewhere and it stares at you waiting to be seen. Trying to find it, however, can be daunting and annoying when you desperately seek it.

Remember your five-year-old self waiting to roast your first marshmallow at your first campfire? Maybe, it was meeting the in-laws to be finally or maybe it was your weekly thrill of that scratch lottery ticket. ‘This is the winner, I can feel it!’ That anticipation is almost too much to bear at times. This is why, when you seek inspiration it is hard. I find seeking a flash of genius to be almost impossible because true inspiration in my experience has always been found. Now, where will you find yours?

There is no shortage of inspirational quotes found on postcards, the internet, and printed media. Some of them are as follows:

“Believe in yourself, and you can do it.”

“Risking is better than regretting.”

“To not try, is to not live.”

“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver 5 minutes longer.”


Inspiration can be mistaken as a good thought, however, a thought can change on a whim, and it can be altered by an opposing voice and forgotten just as easily as it was acquired. True inspiration when it comes can change your life. 

No voice or circumstance or unknown can change it back. It will cause you to lose sleep and appetite, forcing you to pursue it until what stimulated you is followed through to completion. I found that I too was an inspiration to others just being myself.

Someone relating to me just trying brought enough encouragement that they were inspired to change from their ordinary to something extraordinary. 

Let me share an inspiring moment with you.

The other day, it was a Saturday morning, I woke up rolling over to face the window to confirm that the sun as well had gotten up and as I observed the sun creeping around the drapes, I noticed as it landed on my bedside table lamp, it made my rich brown mahogany-colored lamp look a muted grey color. I dragged myself across my bed, closer to the lamp, and realized that I was blaming the sun without true merit. The new color of my lamp was of my own doing, my lamp needed to be dusted. One hour later, my lamps, as well as every other ‘dust-worthy’ piece of furniture, have been cleaned and polished and it now only makes sense to vacuum. Thankfully, the HEPA filter prevents me from having to re-inspect my earlier dusting job so I can continue to appreciate the track lines across my carpeted area. This not only brings a smile to my face but now leads me to the bathrooms, which leads to the living room, the kitchen, and so on. Soon, what started as a discolored lamp has inspired me to clean my whole house, which wears my ass out so all I want to do now is take a nap. Stupid inspiration.

Thinking about it, I’ve found inspiration everywhere.

I was inspired to move out because ‘two bulls can’t live in one pen’. A Jamaican proverb describing that two alphas can not exist together because they will buck heads leading to one’s eventual demise. Finding myself at odd ends with my dad naturally lead me to seek my own habitation. I was also encouraged to leap by a wise voice in my life, my coworker and friend, Diane. 

Thanks, Di!

I was inspired to buy a car after my mom said, ‘go buy your own car!’. I was a traveling technician at the time, working for IBM and I collected quite a few miles on mom’s car. At the time, I saw it as just pure cruelty, looking back, she did an awesome thing for me. Thanks, Mom!

I was inspired to learn about the stock market, shares, dividends, and mutual funds.

I spent over a decade working with a bunch of well-to-do people that showed me that a change in lifestyle was available to anyone who dared to learn and change some habits in their life. To my 3Macs family, thank you!

Finally, I was inspired to write this blog because my web designer and friend told me it would be a good thing to do. Also, because he’s strict, needs to smile more and if I didn’t, our next meeting would be unbearable. Thanks for inspiring me Rahul…meanie!

I hope that these few words will spark even a mustard seed size of inspiration in you, because in that inspiration, something great will be revealed. 

I was.. well, you know by now. Here’s my poem:

What inspires you, may not inspire me, for you its the land, for me its the sea

He may like birds, while she favors bees, ants, and trees, all of nature lets proceed

A single snowflake as it falls from the sky, turning to liquid on the ground it abides

A baby’s first steps, it stumbles and falls, determined it stands up, no more will it crawl

A brand new puppy that’s afraid of the stairs, should I get a new haircut, will anyone care

Eight months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 12 hours, I’ve been home for so long, I don’t feel to even shower

Depressed by a virus, I’m seeing no end, I’m missing my freedoms, but especially my friends

Designer or Surgical, masks we require, wear them we must or risk early expire?

Yes, this sounds dire, but to some this is true, I may not care about me, but what about you?

Summer heat now gone as leaves grace the ground, resolute we remain our minds we must ground

With patient breaths we desperately wait, to find a solution and covid-19’s fate

but until it is gone and a vaccine acquired, I simply encourage mankind to strive, be inspired.

Let’s become aware of our moments, because, in those moments, inspiration awaits.


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