Introducing 6 Reigns

For this month’s blog, I wanted to introduce you to your next seasonal must-haves and my clothing line, introducing: 6REIGNS.

My name is Michael, and with my partner Omeil, we have curated a fashion line that is beyond its time and is shaping up to be, ubiquitous in the fashion landscape in Toronto, North America, and hopefully one day, worldwide.

It’s clothing that calls out to the royalty in you! Beckoning the wearer to live optimally, encouraging them to rule over the challenges of their daily lives, and to never settle for the lesser choice. The crown is a symbol of power and dignity. A traditional form of head adornment worn by monarchs of old. This regal emblem is then tightly positioned above our beloved Toronto (SIX) to remind all who see the logo that Toronto (which is you), the “6”, Reigns.
My love for fashion started years ago as a teen. Omeil and I were kicking it back then too. The first line was called, Most High. Successful in its own right, but it failed to succeed due to teenage wisdom, which was a lack-thereof, and ultimately greed. It was a crew of 6 at the time which made financing easy but decision-making hard, which became our ruin. Fast forward to Summer 2016, and 6 REIGNS was born.

Omeil and I were sitting in church, laughing at choir members and most likely discussing the 3 W’s: women, wealth & wisdom, when I presented him my idea of a Toronto-based fashion line that would be simple, but speak loudly. I had a few kindergarten sketches scribbled onto a piece of paper that gradually whittled down to the top 3 designs. A few weeks later, the winning design was conceived, which is now our 6 Reigns logo. In his basement, we started our dream, printing with self-made screens and a printing table retailed at $400 on eBay. Fast forward several years, now we work out of a shop in Markham with the tools to make our fashion imaginations come to life.

It’s been quite the journey, but one I’m proud to say makes me love our logo and slogan, “Wear your Crown” even more! In August of this year, a relationship was formed with CAGTO, . A community group that works out of Toronto but is making an impact worldwide. Please follow them on social media and see the wonderful work Mark Thomas and his team are doing.

This is our first joint venture, but I’m sure it will not be our last.

Until then, our focus remains…

Soft breathable fabrics, premium colors, unique vinyl’s and innovation to bring to the wearer’s style, comfort, and pride. 

We are, the 6 Reigns and remind every king and queen out there to live optimally, gravitate to your best version of you, and to always, ‘Wear Your Crown!’

A breath of hope and wonder surrounds this line as it speaks of what the future holds for the wearer. The symbol, a ‘swagged out’ bee. A fierce and formidable insect the exudes focus, fervency and at times, is nothing more than an annoyance.

This is me… could this also be you?

Confident, secure, strong, yet vulnerable: do some of these ring true? Healthy, wealthy, successful, or optimistic?

We all Wannabee (want-to-be) something…what do you, Wannabee?

This branch sprouted as I realized my dreams and goals were outgrowing where I currently was and wanted to be. I found myself blessed, meeting the right people, at the right time, however, this caused my plans to keep changing, my dreams became bigger, and I wanted to be more.

Again, not paying attention in church, more scribbles ensued, and here we are!

In the future, we may hit you with a crazy one-off or a limited edition piece, but until then, our focus is to keep your focus high, keep you dripped in the latest swag, and to represent the city we love.

What do you, Wannabee? 

Drop me a line and visit us on our social media platforms.

Thank you for reading, and we’ll chat in a bit.


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