Is it just me, or is this year flying?

 I mean, just the other day, it was the beginning of spring! The Mayor of Toronto, John Tory, looked like the manager of a boy band, and all mid-sized establishments were closed. Blink a few times, a few months fly by, and now everything is open, the Mayor has a serious grunge look happening with all that flowing hair on his head, and allegedly, there were lineups a few weeks ago at clubs on re-opening (stage 3)weekend. What?!

 Hopeful factor: with all barbershops now open, our Mayor will be picturesque again, and so will I.

So here we are at the mid-way point of summer, the month of August ahead of us, with the days getting hotter. So, what have you been doing? Yes, I’m talking to you.. not much, you say? I hear you. With all festivals gone, street fests and parades having disappeared, it can seem like there isn’t much to do. I have found however that if you take a more simplified look at entertainment and recreation, you will find that exploring our beautiful city and its surroundings is there for you to behold for the remainder of this summer. 

Look at what has happened for me:

 I have visited beaches from the City of Barrie to St.Catherines. I have gone on hiking excursions from Durham to Hamilton. My biking journeys have led me all across the city, and there’s still a street or 2 in Toronto I’m sure I can enjoy a nice walk-on. 

 We have so much in this great province of Ontario, specifically the GTA to enjoy, and I encourage you to get out there and experience it!

 With that said, I have a few suggestions to offer.

 Looking for a new patio:

The Toronto Beach Club

This soon-to-be Toronto gem opened on June 22nd of this year. It is posh and fancy while being chill and laid back at the same time. It has an eclectic menu, a beautiful wrap-around patio with a view of the beach, and coziness to rival your home. Make it a must to get this spot, in your calendar. 

SugarKane Restaurant 

This culinary vibe resides on Danforth Avenue. It has a typical storefront look, with another world experience inside. Specialty nights, live music, and a menu that will take you from New Orleans to the Caribbean await you. The ladies that own this establishment have left very little to chance. They have cultivated everything from your greeting to the time you make your exit. Find the time and head down to Danforth Ave. This is a destination for the adventurer in you.

 Are you into the outdoors? Here are a few ideas:


Did you know there are 3959 geocache’s around Toronto?

What is Geocaching? It is the exploring, hunting, finding, and sharing of small containers.

Great family fun to enjoy the outdoors and to stretch your thinking skills.

 To get started, create a free geocaching account on the website above, then you can download a geocaching app for your android or iOS mobile device.

Happy treasure hunting!  


In my first 10 min of this trekking experience, I was shaking in my boots, literally! It was a bit challenging for me to learn the mechanics required to enjoy this activity. I received a bit of training to start: how to manoeuvre the cable locks, how to walk the cable line, and most importantly, how to get up after a fall. 

Being tethered to the tree cables the whole time gave me, peace-of-mind, but it still gave me the creeps each time we went on to a higher tree obstacle. 

Balance, strength, and determination are all tested here. You also get to experience some of the most beautiful canopies just outside the city from a bird’s eye view. Take the challenge, you will be glad you did.

 This last one may seem weird to some, however, I find it the most entertaining of all my other mentions because it is ubiquitous…people watching. Spend an hour or two with your favorite beverage, possibly with a friend in tow, and watch away. The Queens Quay, St. Lawrence Market, Yorkville, or Nathan Philips Square; there are plenty of places to watch people and to be impressed by the diversity of people that our city has to offer. 

 I know the city is pretty much open again with the normality we experienced in 2019 on the horizon, however, I encourage you to try something new. The allure of club life may be calling some of you, patios, mall life, or some sort- of outdoor activity for others and just taking it easy for the rest.

 Whatever you do this summer, be mindful of others, be kind to all and get out there and have fun!

It is only a few weeks until September then it’s back too?


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